Will root canal cause cancer?

Endodontic procedures don't cause cancer. This myth stems from unfounded claims that 97% of people with terminal cancer underwent root canal surgery, suggesting a link between dental work and the development of cancer. Nearly a century of dental research shows that there is no correlation between root canals and cancer. People who have undergone root canal treatments are no more likely to get cancer than anyone else.

Although this documentary addresses how the mouth is linked to the rest of the body, the conclusions drawn are not supported by research and are tremendously inaccurate. Root canal therapy isn't the cause of cancer or heart attacks. Root canals leave no areas of necrotic bone in the jaw that are full of bacteria and cause chronic inflammation and disease. So how did this myth come about? Some say there is a connection between root canals and breast cancer, as well as other forms of cancer.

However, there is no scientific evidence that root canals cause cancer. If your dentist recommends root canal treatment, it's because he believes treatment is the best option to save your tooth and improve your oral health. The real science behind root canals and techniques used to treat apical periodontitis were not developed until 1965, 45 years after the focal infection theory was promulgated. Unfortunately, the narrative has gone awry, so people tend to bundle this anterior toothache with root canal therapy altogether.

Since then, he has received extensive training in many areas of dentistry, including root canal therapy and sedation to calm patients' nerves. If you need a root canal, rest assured that your dentist will make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Price believed, based on his personal research, that dead teeth that have undergone root canal therapy still harbor incredibly harmful toxins. The belief that root canals are related to breast cancer or other forms of cancer dates back to the early 20th century and stems from something known as the focal infection theory, according to the AAE.

Researchers are working on a new type of filling that would help restore decayed teeth, which could eliminate the need for most root canals. Digging deeper into myths about root canals and cancer and learning more about other false endodontic claims can help you feel more confident starting the procedure. When people have root pulp infections, the two main treatments are root canal therapy or extraction. In this documentary, an osteopathic physician argues that 97% of patients with terminal cancer (breast cancer) had previously undergone root canal procedures.

Advances in modern dentistry must be trusted to make endodontic treatment and root canal therapy safe, predictable and effective. The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) debunks these myths by pointing out that the statistics do not come from any published studies and that there is no evidence to support claims linking root canals to cancer.

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